Ban Rom Sai

All recent images of the products have been shot on location at the guest house of “ban rom sai” in Chiang Mai. Many thanks to the Founder Miwa Natori san and her superb team, the kids, cats, pigs, and dogs.

If anybody interested in staying at the guest house, it is the place where I feel that my heart was endeared to small intimate gatherings, those that are defined by good food, pleasant background music and honest conversation.

Ban Rom Sai is a organization who support and fund children carrying HIV by giving them a home, feed and teach each individual the pleasures of work to be able to pursue their goals at graduation.

On Oct 17th 2012 Boy Rikyu was asked to teach the kids at Ban Rom Sai “Hairdressing & Beauty” as an occupation. Over a 2day workshop we decided to present a small hand made Fashion show with the kids dealing with everything from stage making, clothes making and hair & make up! Pictures attached are documentation of the event…

After the show, all the kids, staffs and guests made Kome Loy rise into the sky wishing happiness for all of us.For more information about banromsai.

Please visit their website.