Hair On Stage

Hair On Stage

On the 15th November 2016, Rikyu appeared on stage of Hair On Stage by Davines, Italian hair product brand.  They invited us to be a representative of Thailand. We were the only salon from Thailand and we were the starting team of the whole show. It had been for 6 months to prepare for our first stage. First of all, we discussed about our show concept and what we did was just to keep creating until something right came out… Dai Mogi, our Creative Director, was collecting our idea and slowly tied up to be one. Dai and Satomi were the only two those had hair show experiences. So Dai created the plot and Satomi was the hair technical director and led the whole team.

The show was divided in 4 scenes.

The first stage ; M.D.S which is boy’s original training method doing “Meditation, Dessin (drawing) and Simulation.” Yoji did the solo stage in his first hair show.

The second stage; BOB styles with bright hair colors. To show our creative hair colors with simple hair style. By Tuk, Te, Koi and Sylvia.

The third stage; Session / Half moon; They move and cut in the same rhythm and process looking and caring for each other, this is boy’s original method to learn how to cut hair.   Half moon is boy’s original hair cutting technique, cutting hair on palm. By Satomi, Yoji and Preaw

The final stage; Presentation by Satomi and Yoji.

After we had got a stage plot, each stylists kept designing their own hair styles in each team.  At the same time we needed to find models who had gotten long enough hair and brave mind to have a lot of hair colors!

Costume, mostly original designed and hand made, and we bought  three costumes from Thai designer brand.

Movies on stage, Dai shot and edited by himself.

Our stage was professionally hand made by ourselves.

The show came out really special and we did our best on stage! Never had such experience working with international people, and be on stage surrounded by 500 audiences from all over the world.

Thanks Davines to give us such an opportunity.

Enjoy our show!

More snap shots, please check our FB album!