AA Visiting School project, ” Custom and Customization.”

Students from AA visiting school, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University show how they customize the “Hairdressers space” incorporating the usage of acrylic and rubber.
The student team presented their concept of “Hair and Time”.
Freezing and capturing the vestige of the hairdresser and customer and representing this by the fallen hair on the ground which is now just a material of different form and purpose.
A large rectangular rubber sheet was placed underneath the cut-chair(as the picture), which was used as the equipment to capture the moment.
Once the hair has been cut, its like the hair and the owner have been parted from each other. Like the frozen moment as the vestige. The footprint of hairdresser can be used as material as well.
The cut hair will be layered in the rubber as a symbolic object and exhibit along with documented images.

IMG_7069       L1040139       L1040113


The demonstration was demonstrated by Stylist Te Wiput


Photographer : Dai Mogi
Location: Cho Why